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Here at TWX Home® we have the joy of working with some of the best cleaning experts working hard so you can spend less time and effort doing the cleaning. And because we always enjoy a good cleaning tip, we decided to share what we've learned from them and make  your cleaning experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Here's 5 cleaning pro tips and tricks coming right from our cleaning experts. Grab your rubber gloves and buckle up, it's about to get CLEAN.

1. Safety First - Read the label carefully - many people tend to ignore the back label and usually end up with messy results. When it comes to cleaning, it is very important to play it safe. Make sure that you are reading the product label so you understand what it can and cannot be used on, but also make sure you're using the appropriate tool for the surface so you won't scratch or otherwise damage it. You also want to make sure that you're taking good care of yourself by wearing gloves and properly ventilating the space you're in.

2. Use proper cleaning products for every occasion - Some people like to buy a couple of cleaning products and use it for everything. They think it's a good idea to use the same multifunctional product for whatever surface. Truth is, different materials react differently with different products. Using the wrong ones can ruin a surface (sometimes permanently), and can also be really expensive to fix. This is why our experts recommend using specially created products. That guarantees you maximum efficiency and protection for the surface and sustainability of your property.

3. Work Smart -Do 2 Jobs At Once When you watch a cleaning product commercial on TV what you basically see is spraying and wiping. This is not reality. Products need time to work. At home, we can actually work smart. Start in the kitchen and get the appropriate product. Soak all of the surfaces that need soaking and then move to the bathroom to apply TWX Home Antibacterial® Spray on every needed surface. By the time you're done and you return to the kitchen, the product has done what it is intended to do and all you have to do is take your sponge, cloth, or brush, and simply wipe it clean.

4. Keep in mind the small areas - Most people tend to ignore areas that are not visible or small enough to leave for another day. Unfortunately we end up with places with accumulated dirt that is hard to remove without scrubbing like crazy. I'm especially talking about the dark ugly tile gaps and the special moldy places at the base of the toilet and shower. Good news is, TWX Home Tiles® Tile Gap Cleaner does the job quite fast and easily without harming the surfaces. Because of the purpose of these places, experts recommend cleaning them at least once a week.

5. Don't procrastinate - the more time passes the harder it will be for you to keep a clean tidy home. Developing a quick daily cleaning habit is the key to overcoming this common mistake. When it comes to surface cleanings, keep on top of rooms like the kitchen and bathroom on a daily basis to avoid build-up. Quick daily cleaning is possible thanks to high quality products like TWX Home®. They not only save you tons of time, but also keep your home cleaner and fresher longer.

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